Thursday, August 21, 2008

Café au lait - Who knew?

For years now, I've been getting the standard drip coffee with an occasional Americano or an infrequent longing for a white chocolate mocha mainly from Starbucks. Yeah, Starbucks has a lot of my money. However, just recently I decided to try a Café au lait instead after hearing a co-worker say that is the only coffee they'll order when buying from an outside establishment. To those of you who are not aware of what a cafe au lait consists of, it basically is the house coffee with steamed milk, not to be confused with a Latte' which utilizes expresso instead of regular coffee.

Now at Starbucks, they've switched the name from cafe au lait to Caffè Misto. I'm not sure why, I haven't really asked them about it since it really won't change the taste of the drink at all. The main reason I buy from Starbucks is the convenient location on my way to work. I have realized though that their Misto doesn't hold a candle to a local establishment we have here in Portland called World Cup. There is something about their cafe au lait that is crazy good. I've also tried one other establishment and so far, World Cup is winning the race by a long shot.

I'm glad I branched out and tried something new. It definitely worked for me. I'd say the percentage things work for me when trying something new is very low, like 5%, well this was well within that 5%!

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